Decipher´s history originates back over twenty years from the Black Metal band Segnir. Started in 2002, the band only recorded two demos, in 2004 and 2005. On their last demo, the style of music had begun to change in a slightly different direction. So, in 2005, Segnir went through a change in both genre and name. The musical landscape and sources of inspiration had changed, and Decipher was born.

Decipher took on a more modern style of industrial Black/Death Metal, resulting in two EP´s; “Vindictiveness”, released in 2006 and “Chemical Death”, released in 2007. The following couple of years was spent playing shows in the eastern part of Norway. By the end of 2009 the band decided to take a brake, due to differences.

In 2017, two founding members of Decipher, Lars-Erik (Drums) and Helge (Guitars/vocals) decided to wake the band from its coma and start making music again. Finding and recruiting youngblood Sebastian on lead guitar drove the band to a new and revitalizing sound, taking on a more straight forward Death/Thrash Metal point of view.

For several years, Decipher drove on as a bonifide live act before deciding to record their debut album. Joining forces with Lucass Edquist at Black Note Studio, the recordings began in spring time 2022 featuring their newest member Jonas on bass guitar. Decipher´s debut album “Breed of an Obsolete Kind” was released in October 2022


Decipher will continue to play live shows around the country and abroad, while continuously writing new material for their second recording. Maybe in 2024, a new album will see the light of day…

Decipher are:

Lars-Erik Duserud – Drums
Sebastian Kjeserud – Lead guitars/backing vocals
Jonas Listrøm Pedersen – Bass
Helge Myrvang – Rhythm guitars/vocals

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