‘El Diablo Cazador Trofeo de los Hombres’

From the most distant outskirts of the Outer Space, the Ultimate Hunter – Yautja – arrives to Planet Earth in search of Worthy Opponents. He’s here: Harmful, Fearless, Bloodthirsty and Armed with Sophisticated Weapons. Determined to survive and Trained to Kill Effectively at all Cost in order to Collect Trophies, the Vicious Killer has not yet reached for his Ultimate Weapon against Humanity. Until Now…

What the hell are you…?

The concept of HUNTER’S BLOOD has been fully inspired by the classic 1987 sci-fi horror movie “Predator” by John McTiernan. The wonderful screenplay, spot-on acting, awesome cast, spine-chilling story line and the ingenious music (by Alan Silvestri) made for a movie that many viewers consider to be one of the best movies of all time. Yautja – the author of Hunter’s Blood concept, believed that this masterpiece of cinematography deserves a proper Metal-music tribute. The true love for the movie AND the villain himself made the recording process very easy. He somehow knew what belongs where, how the songs should be structured, how they should connect and in what order… The recording process has begun in December 2019. All drum parts were improvised and recorded in single takes. All instruments and vocals were performed by one person and one person only…


Stick around!

HUNTER’S BLOOD is meant to be a 100% studio project and in principle it is not going to perform live. The album “Yautja” is the first of 2 concept albums based on Alien and Predator movies and is strictly designed for the fans of the franchises that also dig heavy sounds of Metal Music.


Yautja – Songwriting, Drums, Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Synth

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